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  • Apr 8, 2021

In the first step to formalise the Nova Group’s reconciliation journey, the company has launched its Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) which aims to support the development of respectful relationships and meaningful opportunities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The plan, developed by a working group, outlines a strong framework of specific initiatives and actions that Nova Group will pursue over the next year in support of its commitment to reconciliation.

Nova Group CEO Jim McDowell said as an Australian owned and operated company, we have a crucial role to play in the reconciliation process and we’re proud to be among those businesses who are taking action.

“Our RAP aims to improve our relationships, create opportunities and deepen our awareness, understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures,” Mr McDowell said.

“It provides us with a basis for actions and accountability to ensure the organisation and our people implement measures that are relevant, authentic and effective.

“Our RAP is aligned with our values of Trust, Professionalism, Passion and Community. We intend for our RAP to become a representation of our culture in action, through which we can provide real solutions for the wider community.”

Mr McDowell and members of the Group’s Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, Action, and Leadership (IDEAL) strategy team have been involved in launching the RAP in offices around Australia.

The launch events included the unveiling of the Nova Group’s RAP artwork “Connections” by artist Kiya Watts.

The painting represents the story of connection and partnership; when we all work together we are strongest. The animals, lands and ocean all have journeys and through connection
and coming together our stories are made.

Nova’s reconciliation efforts began in 2019 following a review of the company’s IDEAL strategy, which prioritised activities in cultural diversity, gender diversity and youth and STEM.

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